LR Experience helped increase traffic for Gambling platform Leo Vegas Casino

Leo Vegas CasinoWe work exclusively with the online casino industry. We have worked with various platforms including Leo Vegas to improve website traffic.

In this article, we discuss how we specifically helped LeoVegas casino. We cannot of course divulge exact details, but we have provided a general overview of the strategies we used.

LeoVegas is a brilliant online UK gambling platform. It is already one of the most popular casinos in the UK. This is due to its excellent array of casino games, slots and other features. You can play hundreds of titles including slots and progressive jackpots.

You may wonder therefore, why LeoVegas requested our help? Although they are a popular online casino, their directors wanted to improve website. There is always room for improvement, and more website traffic should equate to more registered customers, and expenditure on their online.

Read on to find out how we helped LeoVegas online casino!

How did we help improve traffic for Leo Vegas Casino?

Here at LR Experience we have a wealth of knowledge on how to increase website traffic. It is what we specialize at, and we have developed a myriad of strategies specifically for the online casino industry. To help Leo Vegas Casino improve their traffic we looked at organic SEO, social media campaigns, and paid advertising:

LeoVegas Casino SEO

We worked with LeoVegas to the basic website code and ensuring it was fully readable. In addition, we looked at keyword usage and improved things like META title and META description tags.

LeoVegas Casino gave us a list of keywords they had already researched, and we gave advise as to which we thought could be easily ranked for.

LeoVegas Social Media Campaigns

We also looked at a detailed social media campaign. Leo Vegas casino has various social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We created a host of pre-written posts utilizing the same keywords as before.

We also included graphics, and some casino bonuses too. Leo Vegas would release these posts at regular intervals across their social media outlets. The aim would be to boost their social media followers, but also direct traffic to their website through carefully place links and advertising.

Paid Advertising

Finally, we look at a range of paid advertising campaigns. Larger earning companies can reach out to the top search engines like Google and pay for advertisements or to be ranked higher on different search terms.

We targeted less-popular keywords so that the organic SEO we implemented could still work naturally. Remember that if you do pay for advertising, it can also have a negative effect if not done properly.

All of these measures combined greatly improve website traffic for Leo Vegas online casino. It took time and the results were not instant. However, using our considered approach and various strategies, the results were effective and long-lasting!

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino offers a fun platform with a variety of casino games and slots available to choose from. If you are looking for a great welcome bonus or other deposit bonuses LeoVegas casino has you covered! You can register a new player account and receive 50 free spins on registration. You never know maybe you’ll be the next jackpot winner at LeoVegas casino! We are very proud to have worked with this online casino and if you ever want to play at an online casino we would highly recommend LeoVegas Casino!