Our Services

Here at LR Experience, we offer a variety of services. We realize that no two online casinos are the same. As such, each website and website owner has unique needs. Because of this, we don’t have a set approach to online business. We will work with you to find out how we can best assist your company and what will best help you. However, while you may not need each and every service we offer, we want to make you aware of some of the common services we provide to the clients we work with. Some of those services include:

Optimizing the Sign Up Process

One of the first things that we will do to help your online casino business is to optimize the sign up process. When customers come to your website to gamble, they don’t want to fill out lengthy forms to sign up for an account. But, at the same time, you have to ensure that they are old enough to gamble and get their payment information. We will optimize the process so it is fast and easy for customers, while still ensuring that you get all of the information you need to protect yourself. This makes the process fast and easy and entices more people who may have otherwise simply browsing to stay and play awhile.


Running Advertising Campaigns

Another thing we will do to help your business is to run advertising campaigns. There are many different ways you can advertise an online casino. You can pay for banner ads, do pay-per-click advertising, or do search engine optimization. Advertising your business will help to draw customers in, which ultimately, can help increase your user database and the amount of money you have in. We can customize an advertising campaign based on your budgets, how many clients your server can hold and how slowly or quickly you wish to expand.


Enhancing the User’s Experience

As we move along the consulting process, we will take a look at the experience users have when they visit your website and online casino. Are you offering games that entice customers? Are your graphics up-to-date and modern? Technology and casino games are both ever changing and when you run an online casino, you need to stay up to date on both of these topics. We can help with that by doing the work for you, following trends and new news. We also attend trade shows, read social media daily. All of this is challenging for the average website owner to do on their own, as it takes a lot of time. And this time can be better spent watching over their website. We do all of this to free up more of your time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. We can then incorporate new games, technology and other things that can enhance a user’s experience into your casino, so your casino is always fresh and current.


Looking at the Retention System

The last service we offer is looking at your retention system. This refers to how many of your clients come back to your casino. If your casino is not memorable, clients may not come back when their initial deposit runs out. There are many ways you can entice them to come back and play at your casino again. Sending out emails keeps your name fresh in their head. Offering incentives, such as gifts based on the amount they deposit, is another way to keep your clients coming back for more. Some clients run online tournaments and invite clients who have played those games on their website before. Playing in a tournament may be a great way to reel a client back in. Regardless of what incentives you offer, retaining customers is important and we can help you do that.

If you are looking for new ways to grow or expand your online casino, let us take a look at your business. We offer many services designed specifically to increase your traffic, deposits and increase your business. Send LR Experience an email today and we can tell you more about our services and what we can specifically do to help you!